Mid-Autumn 2021: 家好月圆 | Reunion Under The Moon

by | Aug 12, 2021 | Current Festival, Mid-Autumn Festival 2021 | 0 comments

Mid-Autumn Festival is a time to express gratitude and unity among loved ones, something that can be felt even when family or friends are thousands of miles apart as they gaze upon the same full moon. Many of us have not seen our loved ones for a long time now and everyone’s desire to spend time with their friends and family is stronger than ever.

By sending your loved ones our mooncake gift set, you can remind them how much you’ve missed them. It is also a way to share the moment of “reunion” with them under the full moon while indulging in the delicious mooncakes.

Every year, there are many fancy mooncakes packaging out there which often contribute to significant amounts of waste. These packaging waste could be harmful to the environment too.

In Souly, we strive to make our packaging reusable and sustainable. This Mid-Autumn Festival, creating an extravagant packaging that can only be used once, we’ve purposefully curated our mooncake gift sets shaped like the full moon to represent ‘completeness’ and ‘reunion’, which also can be reused multiple times for other purposes. It’s always good to know that you’re helping the environment too while spreading love through our special mooncake gift sets!

A Lantern DIY kit is included for everyone to experience creating their own lanterns or moon. (let your imagination run wild!) This is a perfect opportunity for family bonding; impress everyone with your drawings! Everything is prepared for you; all you have to do is sit down, decide what you want to create, and get started! Here’s a short video from our talented designer to show everyone what you can make with our DIY kit. 😆

Mooncakesrole is not only to satisfy people’s appetites, but also to serve as carriers of our emotions, allowing us to share our love with families and friends.  We carefully selected bakers to partner with in order to ensure the finest quality ingredients, no artificial flavouring, no artificial colouring and no preservative. And, after several rounds of testing, we narrowed down the best flavours for you to choose from: White Lotus (Single/Double Yolk), Pandan Lotus (Single Yolk), Mixed Nuts, Black Sesame Yam, Japanese Macha, Sweet Pandan

And guess what? The tea we included is Premium Raw Pu’Er Tea – 2016 Arus, sounds fancy doesn’t it? 😎 For those who didn’t know, Raw Pu’Er Tea is harvested and preserved naturally. This type of tea has a very fresh fragrance to it, can be bitter, but typically has a sweet aftertaste.


It can be a little straining to send multiple Gift Sets to friends and family. But no worries! We purposefully curated 2 of our Japanese Furoshiki Set and made it affordable for anyone looking for something simple yet different. It’s the thought that counts. ❤️

We included options to choose Between our Premium Pink Crystal Sakura Set or Exclusively Designed Ceramic Tea Canister. Instead of just mooncakes, surprise them with something that they can keep as a remembrance of your little “reunion” this year. 🤗

BTW, the tea comes in a canister shaped like a mooncake. MHM, A MOONCAKE! Something you don’t see everyday. 😏 Check out our Japanese Furoshiki Sets for more information.