Frequently Asked Questions

On Orders

Is There A Minimum Order To Be Placed?

There is no minimum order when purchasing our READY-TO-SHIP gift sets.

SEMI-CUSTOM Gift Sets (​Designed With Your Own Logo)
Yes, a minimum of 5 gift sets is required when purchasing SEMI-CUSTOM gift sets. Semi-personalize your gift sets with your own/company logo to be placed on our READY-TO-SHIP gift sets for an additional of RM8 per gift only.

MADE-TO-ORDER Gift Sets ​(Designed According To Your Requirements)
Yes, a minimum of 20 gift sets and minimum total order amount of RM800 (excluding delivery charges) is required when purchasing MADE-TO-ORDER gift sets.

Is There A Minimum Number Of Days To Place An Order?


READY-TO-SHIP gift sets seen on our store online are to be shipped out within 1 to 2 working days. Unusually large orders which require extra turnaround time might exceed the given duration in which we will immediately reach out to you with an estimated time of delivery.


SEMI-CUSTOM Gift Sets (​Designed With Your Own Logo)

SEMI-CUSTOM gift sets which come with your preferred logo placed on our READY-TO-SHIP gift sets are to be shipped out within 3 to 5 working days. Unusually large orders that are semi-custom which require extra turnaround time might exceed the given duration in which we will immediately reach out to you with an estimated time of delivery.


MADE-TO-ORDER Gift Sets ​(Designed According To Your Requirement)

MADE-TO-ORDER gift sets are carefully curated and put together to your desired request. Thus, a minimum of 15 days is required prior to collection/delivery of gift boxes as we would need ample time of sourcing, curating, customising and designing each order to perfection. At certain times of the year, an additional number of days will be required to fulfil the rush orders received to accommodate all our happy customers. Kindly reach out to us and we will do our very best to deliver!

On Delivery

Where Are The Coverage Areas Of Delivery?

Deliveries are only within Klang Valley for now, as we provide personalized door-to-door hand delivery service.

Are Deliveries Out Of Klang Valley Made Possible?

Yes, We do cover areas outside of Klang Valley. But due to the fragility of our gifts that are delicately hand-made, please be aware of the risks when purchasing gifts via courier delivery.

We will not be held liable for any damages or losses caused during delivery by courier services. 

Can I Self-pick Up My Orders?

Yes, you can! Just remember to select self-pick up upon checking out and let us know the estimated time and date of collection.

Souly Map Location

Do You Provide Free Delivery?

Free deliveries are applicable for 10km radius within Bukit Jalil and selected areas within Klang Valley only. Kindly check the covered postcodes below:

47170, 47180, 47190, 57000, 57100, 58000, 58100, 58200

If you are unsure of whether your area of delivery is covered, do reach out to us via Whatsapp or email.

What If My Area Does Not Fall Under The Free Delivery Areas?

A door-to-door delivery fee of RM20 to RM50 will be incurred based on the delivery distance, the delivery fees will be generated upon checking out. Shipping fee to the rest of West Malaysia is RM30 and to East Malaysia is RM45.

How Will Large Orders Be Delivered?

Orders will be hand-delivered to a maximum of 2 locations only with free delivery above 30 orders. For every additional location, a RM20 to RM50 (based on delivery distance) will be charged for delivery service.

Is There A Return Policy If Gift Sets Received Do Not Meet The Level Of Expectations?

All orders are final and non-refundable. Should your order arrive and it does not fulfil your expectations, kindly contact us within the first 24 hours upon receiving your order and we will assist you with your queries to achieve your satisfaction.

Is There A Need To Have The Recipient Present During Delivery?

To ensure a smooth process of delivery, kindly ensure that the recipient of the gift set is present at the address provided. Free delivery will only be made ONCE. If delivery is unsuccessful, you will be notified of the status and the gift set will be sent back to us. A fee will be charged for a second attempt of delivery depending on the recipient’s location.

Special Requests

Can I Include A Personalized Handwritten Gift Card With My Order?

Yes, you can! Select “handwritten message” in the drop down box and insert your desired message.

Can I Request To Have A Specific Name Written On The Candle (For Gift Sets That Contain Candles)?

Yes, that would be lovely! Kindly provide the name you want to be written in the “Remarks” column at the message page with up to 20 characters ONLY. To have a better visualization of how it would be written, you may view the samples given in the product page.

Can I Customize Just ONE Gift Based On My Budget?

Unfortunately, we do not take customisation orders for just ONE gift. You may choose from our wide range of READY-TO-SHIP gift sets available.


Do I Need To Provide My Desired Logo Or Souly Will Assist With The Designing Of The Logo?

Should you already have your own logo, you may provide us with it with the recommended format and size.​ (Recommended format: png, pdf. Recommended size: 1000px by 1000px (or higher) for better image quality). ​Alternatively, you may contact us at enquire@souly.com.my​ if you would like to engage with our Creative Design Services.

A fee will be incurred upon engaging us for designs.

Am I Able To Change The Items In The Gift Sets?

It is not possible to change the items that are provided in the READY-TO-SHIP gift sets. However, you may change the items in the SEMI-CUSTOM gift sets upon fulfilling the minimum order quantity. Items are subject to change in the gift sets. Kindly contact us for assistance to pick the best suitable gift sets for your loved ones.

MADE-TO-ORDER Gifts (Corporate Gifting Look Here!)

I Have An Event Coming Up, And I Am Looking For Something Different For My Guests. Any Ideas?

Yes, yes and yes! We are a team of Creative Gift Designers and we are always ready to assist you to come up with unique gift ideas. All you need to do is provide us with important details like budget, theme or concept and location of the event.

What Are The MADE-TO-ORDER Gift Sets That You Provide?

We provide customized orders for corporate events, annual dinners, client appreciation, KOL events, birthday events, wedding door gifts, bridal parties, groomsmen gifts, full moon gifts, festive gifts, influencer gifts, betrothal gifts and event door gifts. Should you have any other special occasions that you would like to engage with our services, feel free to speak to us and let us work our magic to fulfil your request.

Are There Other Services That Souly Provides?

Yes, we also provide gift design and conceptualization, message cards customisations, logos customisations, printing services (stickers, logo, message cards, useful tips, etc.), to products photography. Feel free to come talk to us to find out more!

Have Any More Questions?

Email us at enquiry@souly.com.my or fill in this contact form for convenience. We will reach out to you shortly.

Can’t wait to talk to us for further discussions?

Drop us a text on WhatsApp at +6014-3651449 (Soulmates) and let’s get chatting!